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Information Governance & Retention Management

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Information Governance
Retention Management

Apply RulesMapper retention rules to achieve "best practices" in retention management.


Your information inventory provides in depth knowledge about your information assets.


Solve tracking problems associated with financial and medical information.


Protect vital information through RulesMapper security classifications that fit your organization.

Why Information Governance?  Organizations of all sizes face enormous challenges in ensuring effective retention management, privacy, transparency and discovery of their important information. RulesMapper provides an easy to implement web-based solution that gives you the ability to create a sustainable framework for information governance and retention management, while allowing you to eliminate or reduce privacy violations, duplicates, spoliation, and lost information.
Increase the value of your information
Reduce corporate and personal risk
Streamline the management of business information throughout the enterprise
RulesMapper is led by well-known experts on information governance, compliance and retention management. The RulesMapper team combines extensive subject matter knowledge with deep consulting, practitioner and product development experience covering all facets of compliance, records retention and information management.
RulesMapper has served clients across most business and government sectors, including: communications, construction and engineering, energy and transportation, financial services, government, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, mining, technology and utilities.