The RulesMapper Partner Program was created to meet the needs of our expanding partner network. Demand is increasing for web-based solutions for Information Governance and Retention Management solutions. RulesMapper provides an easy to implement web-based solution that gives you the ability to create a sustainable framework for information governance and retention management, while allowing you to eliminate or reduce privacy violations, duplicates, spoliation, and lost information.

Our target partner network is global in scope and utilizes expertise in diverse sectors, including the following:

  • Information Governance
  • Retention Management
  • Inventory
  • Security
  • Privacy

We appreciate the key role our partners play in helping our customers successfully deploy RulesMapper and you can be sure that we’ll support you. If you’re serious about partnering with us, we’ll give you the expertise and opportunity to market, configure, customize and implement RulesMapper solutions for customers worldwide.

Contact us to learn more.