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Inventory Maturity Model for Information Governance

Information governance practice has a huge impact on businesses – the absence of good information governance practice is told in fines, lawsuits and missed opportunities for efficiency and profit. The Information Governance Maturity Model addresses the maturity levels in six areas, and details how criteria are defined for each maturity level – from chaotic to completely optimized.

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The Benefits of Records Information Management (RIM) in Electronic Discovery

Learn the key rules of RIM and how to apply them at your company.Records and Information Management (RIM) is a key component of information governance programs, and is often something that companie sput in place after losing money on costly e-discovery orders. The consequences of failure to preserve information are extensive, including monetary penalties and terminating sanctions.

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Retention Management, Retention Guidelines

Case Studies

Learn more about how companies are successfully using RulesMapper to address their Information Governance needs.

About RulesMapper

Learn more about RulesMapper and how it provides a sustainable framework for information governance and retention management, while allowing you to eliminate or reduce privacy violations, duplicate elimination, spoliation, and lost information.