Case Studies

Major Utility Company

A major utility company used RulesMapper to both build, and on an on-going basis manage, its information compliance framework and to collect critical data for an enterprise-wide content management initiative. The collaborative information governance environment used by RulesMapper engaged end users, the internal project team and the consulting team supporting the initiative.

Within two years of undertaking the project, the company experienced not only enhanced compliance and reduced risk, but also significant business process improvements. The Records Management Program was awarded the Business Process Improvement Award for this effort, with only one such award given out each year. In addition to IT savings and enhancements to the electronic discovery process, new communication channels between business units were established, resulting in higher levels of collaboration throughout the enterprise and better knowledge management across business units. The end result was a fundamental change in the way this utility company conducts its business.

Financial Services Company

A large financial services company credits RulesMapper and its collaborative approach for the ongoing success of its records and information management program. Two other keys to this success story are the functional approach to retention and executive support. When this company was looking to update its 25 year old paper-based system, they realized that a “big bucket” for retention would be essential. While both users and management embraced the concept of a functional approach to retention, they also wanted to retain the department inventory level identification of their records and information. RulesMapper was the perfect solution for this approach.

Immediately following the inventory effort using RulesMapper the company had a privacy initiative; all the data that the privacy officer needed was available in the RulesMapper. The company saved significant hard and soft costs because the needed information was available and up to date. This large and growing company now easily adds new lines of business to the foundation that they use for their enterprise-wide program.


In one of the 25 largest U.S. counties by population and geographic size, the IT department selected RulesMapper to develop its records and information management program. The inventory process involved more than 80 functionally and geographically diverse departments, including a major public teaching and research hospital. The entire inventory process took less than three months including inventory of their electronic and hardcopy records and information.

Leveraging the expertise of department employees with knowledge of their group’s operations, coupled with embedded legacy retention schedules and the state’s general retention guidelines, this county created a comprehensive, searchable database of all governmental records in RulesMapper. This information serves to provide guidance regarding confidentiality and data practices for the county and its employees. It also provides a starting point for the location of information responsive to investigations, audits, litigation and open records requests. RulesMapper now provides a sustainable structure for the county roadmap to its information resources.