RulesMapper offers a breadth of consulting expertise to help you quickly gain the benefits of the RulesMapper solution.

RulesMapper Services

RulesMapper consultants provide clients with all the implementation assistance necessary, including configuration, training, and other support services. Their deep industry experience ensures that you maximize all of the powerful RulesMapper functionality to enhance your information governance, records management and compliance programs, by giving assistance with information inventory, retention management, privacy information management and security.


Configuring RulesMapper using the professional services team ensures that you analyze your information governance and compliance requirements on the front end so that the correct data is collected during the records inventory process. Proper configuration of RulesMapper ensures that your organizational knowledge base of records and information is complete and useful.

Custom Baseline Records

RulesMapper provides baseline records for your business so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel when trying to determine what records your business creates. Further, with the help of our team, you can customize the existing baseline record libraries to enhance the inventory process. Enhancing the existing baseline libraries to reflect your specific operations will create a consistent inventory result across the enterprise. These customized baseline records libraries also support the inventory GAP analysis process and de-duplication efforts. You can count on our professional service team’s industry expertise to help you get it right.


There are four levels of training that are provided as part of the RulesMapper package:

  • System Administrator Training
  • Records Inventory Training
  • Approval Training
  • End-User Search and View Training

Inventory Data Reviews

It is often helpful to have an outside expert review the data being collected during the records inventory as well as during the annual inventory audit. By using RulesMapper’s professional services experts, who have reviewed thousands of record entries, you can ensure the quality of the entries added during the inventory process. The team can also identify when entries are too broad or too narrow and when there are inconsistencies between privacy and security types.

Retention Guidelines / Schedules / Rules

Developing understandable and appropriate retention rules for your business is both a science and an art and critical to effective information governance. RulesMapper experts pioneered the development of first "big bucket" rules for document retention in 1984 and have extensive industry experience in retention management, including the supporting legal research. You can take advantage of this industry experience on an as-needed basis or for enterprise-wide retention schedule development.

Data Analysis

The RulesMapper knowledge base contains an extraordinary amount of data that can provide metrics for business process improvement. RulesMapper industry experts have the ability to generate a variety of comprehensive analyses including a GAP analysis of the inventory contents, record duplication by organizational area and by media type, system usage analysis, to mention a few. They can take a deep dive into specific areas as needed. These project metrics can be provided on a one time or ongoing basis.

Annual Professional Services Support

RulesMapper clients without deep records and information management staffs, or with resource-strapped staffs can retain the RulesMapper experts to support them on an as needed or annual basis.