The RulesMapper Solution – Your Key to Effective
Information Governance and Retention Management

organized information governance

The RulesMapper Information Governance solution is an easy-to-implement, web-based solution that creates a sustainable framework for information governance and retention management. RulesMapper gives you complete command of all information assets across your enterprise, empowering you to eliminate or reduce duplicate information, and improve data security by stopping privacy violations, spoliation, and lost information.

RulesMapper is important to your Information Governance Strategy because:

retention managementYou receive a proven and sustainable framework for information and
records management compliance.

retention guidelinesYou will have a comprehensive foundation for auditing information
management compliance.

records complianceYou can facilitate the roll-out of ECM solutions with RulesMapper’s
collaborative data collection.

You achieve consistent retention across the enterprise.
You are able to mitigate and reduce e-discovery risks.
Your employees finally understand how to manage their information in a
compliant manner.

You receive a proven and sustainable framework for information and
records management compliance.

Information about Information

RulesMapper provides the complete foundation for your information governance and records compliance initiatives. It enables you to quickly create a simple, yet comprehensive knowledge base of your organization’s information and records: information about information. Best of all, this enterprise-wide searchable knowledge base provides a roadmap for records management, privacy, security and other key compliance initiatives.

This unique web-based software tool also provides centralized management of your organization’s retention rules (retention guidelines and schedule). RulesMapper is also a resource for mapping of sources, electronic discovery and litigation response because it tracks where records and information exist across the enterprise.


RulesMapper is a Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The SaaS "in the cloud" model requires no installation or on-site maintenance and can be deployed immediately, without the need for IT support. RulesMapper uses the SaaS hosted model because it is affordable, flexible, secure and scalable. It is also highly configurable without the need for programmers. You can deploy RulesMapper and have productive users in a matter of days.


The core knowledge base in RulesMapper is the inventory, built by employees in each area of the organization. Most customers use the RulesMapper library of baseline records as a starting point. These extensive libraries are both general and industry-specific, and contain likely records for most businesses. Linking the inventory to the applicable baseline record provides metrics for inventory GAP analysis and record de-duplication efforts. Numerous metadata fields allow for comprehensive and in depth knowledge about the information assets in your organization, as well as at third parties.

Retention Rules

RulesMapper’s Retention Module provides for the development and deployment of "big bucket" retention rules, the current best practices approach to retention schedules. The flexible program tracks the rule and the various retention periods that were considered in developing the official retention period for each rule. RulesMapper provides a unique view of the current approved rule and all previous rules for compliance, audit and legal purposes.

Record Mapping

Each inventory entry is mapped to a retention rule for information governance purposes. This happens in the Record Mapping Module where additional workflow capabilities exist and where it is easy to assess gaps between the operational retention needs for records and the official retention rule period. Once this mapping is complete and approved, RulesMapper provides all employees with a simple view of their own departmental retention schedule.


RulesMapper addresses today’s privacy challenges by identifying the records and content in the organization that contain private information. Companies can design the levels of detail they want to identify. Typically, organizations use RulesMapper to track their general, medical and financial personally identifiable information (PII). Knowing the type of private information is helpful, but RulesMapper is unique because the identity of the type of individual that this information is about is also tracked. As an example, many companies want to track the Protected Health Information (PHI) for their employees and former employees, and RulesMapper accomplishes this. Privacy officers use this key information to drive their programs, to establish compliance policies and procedures, and also as a baseline for audit purposes.


It is imperative to protect the organization’s sensitive and confidential information in today’s world where security breaches can be both costly and harmful. RulesMapper can handle everything from the simplest to the most complex security classifications. Each category of information is classified into its proper security level. The comprehensive reporting in RulesMapper makes it possible to quickly validate this classification process and to re-classify items as necessary. By reaching out and inventorying records that are in the custody of third parties, organizations can provide direction to their third party custodians regarding the protection of information in their custody.

Workflow and Audit Trail

The embedded workflow in RulesMapper tracks updates to the inventory, mapping of records to rules, rules approval and the deletion of records and retention rules. It is designed to facilitate change management and help drive information-centric business process improvement. RulesMapper’s extensive audit trail provides the detailed information necessary to track updates and changes to the information knowledge base and retention schedule. This comprehensive audit trail provides the documentation necessary to support audits and investigations that can scrutinize all aspects of the company’s record-keeping.

Searching and Reporting

RulesMapper’s enterprise search feature allows employees to know what information exists and where, and how to manage it in full compliance with retention rules or information security classification. Deployed globally, this information becomes a strategic component of the company’s knowledge management resources.