10 Reasons For Using RulesMapper

10 Important Reasons for Using RulesMapper to Manage Your Information Governance and Retention Management

1 – The RulesMapper knowledgebase and retention rules provide the foundation for successful information governance and records retention initiatives. It enables you to quickly create a simple, yet comprehensive, knowledgebase of your organization’s information and records (information about information).

2 – RulesMapper is much more sustainable and affordable than alternative solutions. RulesMapper is delivered as a Web-based (SaaS) solution, so it requires no hardware or software installation.

3 – RulesMapper is easy to use.  Its simplicity enables updates to be completed in a matter of minutes.  Regardless of the frequency of updates, RulesMapper’s workflow captures every change and routes it for review, tracking each activity and approval along the way. All employees will easily understand how to manage the records and information in their custody.

4 – Unlike more complex alternatives, RulesMapper’s web-based collaborative approach to information compliance generates widespread user adoption.

5 – Retention is consistent across the enterprise and can be easily extended to organizations with a divisional structure and/or global presence.

6 – E-discovery is simplified and costs are reduced with the searchable “information about information” contained in RulesMapper, including record media, locations, and system and application names.

7 – RulesMapper is media neutral.  It is a comprehensive approach that covers all formats of records and information.

8 – RulesMapper provides comprehensive documentation of all activities, changes, and updates, for the organization’s records and information management program.

9 – Knowledge management is extended to the records and information created and received in the organization.

10 – The enterprise-wide searchable knowledgebase in RulesMapper provides a roadmap for records management, privacy, security and other key compliance initiatives.

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