Why Information Governance?

Information Governance and the Information Inventory

inventory managementContent comes in various formats, systems and file types and these mediums of data are growing and expanding at a rapid pace. We now transact business in totally different ways. For example, you might execute a contract in email, modify it in a text message and share it on a social networking site. There are also LANS, WANS, SANS and third party service and storage providers, Cloud computing vendors and social networking sites with servers full of company records that go unmanaged or ill-managed. Knowing what information exists and where it lives has become a major headache.

The Information Inventory – a Key to Knowing Where Your Information Assets Live

There is high value in having a consistent and proven methodology for mapping and managing all of your business information. The strategy you employ today for information governance will be the framework that helps you navigate these complexities successfully and with fewer headaches tomorrow. Having a comprehensive information inventory is the key to knowing where your information assets live.

RulesMapper enables organizations to correctly identify and map out where their electronic and physical information is located throughout the enterprise. This gives users the ability to quickly search for information regardless of systems and repositories. RulesMapper further benefits your overall compliance and Records Information Management (RIM) programs by supporting each record with rules for compliance and records retention – delivering a sustainable framework for your information governance strategy.

Here are a few of the Benefits of an Effective Information Inventory:

  • Leverage information assets
  • Achieve consistent retention
  • Increase the value of your information
  • Reduce and avoid corporate and personal risk
  • Streamline the management of information assets throughout the enterprise

Organizations face enormous challenges in ensuring effective retention management, privacy, transparency and discovery of their important information assets. By investing the time, effort and resources to establish a mature information inventory, you will increase the value of your information and reap the benefits for having done the job right.